Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SMU Update 03/31/10

An interesting evening, I thought may be of interest to others...

Last night a group of us ventured to a restaurant on campus for dinner, without the accompaniment of a Chinese student. Although we were regulars at the place, the menu was entirely in characters, making it difficult for us to order (especially with wait staff that could not speak English). Knowing this, we strategically brought along a receipt from a previous dinner at the same restaurant, from an evening when one of our Chinese roommates had assisted in ordering food that he knew we would enjoy. With that, we were successful in ordering an excellent meal. The staff at the restaurant was very pleased with our ingenuity and showed their thanks with a letter, written to us in English, which they presented to us at the end of our meal. The letter read;

"Excuse me, your are welcome to our restaurant. I know you like American food. Here is your table [bill] and the last menu. We look forward to your visit. I want recommend some of the specialties to you. Thank you."

I have a strong feeling that we will be frequenting the same restaurant in the future.

Myra Shannon is a 1/c cadet and 6th Company Adjutant majoring in the IMBU program

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